Friday Finds Feathered Friends

As I gaze out the window at the snow gently falling…I turn back to my monitor to look for signs of Spring. There are pastels and flowers aplenty but my favorite sign of spring are birds. I devote an entire favorite list to birds because I love the creative ways that artists use them.


Pencil Raven illustration NigurnaFurnishings

First up is this gorgeous Raven drawn by one of the artists at Nigurna Furnishings, an Etsy shop. I know ravens are not harbingers of spring but this one looks pretty cheerful to me.

Click on the picture and it will take you to the actual listing. Be sure to browse the shop for more stunning and colorful items.


Grey Robin ORIGINAL Watercolor Art Corner Shop

Here is a more traditional symbol of Spring, a robin. This is labeled a gray robin which I have never seen or noticed. I think of robins as brown with red chests but this one has lovely subtle colors. This is an original watercolor and again, click on the picture to see the entire listing and browse the Art Corner Shop. They have an amazing collection of watercolor birds done in lovely palletes.

One of my favorite birds is the chickadee. I could have made this post all about chickadees because they are so adorable and round with their cute little black heads.


Chickadee and Mock Orange Print artwellspring

Here is just one of many to be found on Etsy. I like the background, the subtle antique music that looks like wood. I also love mock oranges, which this little guy is perched upon. That is my favorite scent in early summer, usually a couple weeks after the lilacs are gone.

This is a print of an original watercolor at artwellspring on Etsy, who also offers an amazing array of bird prints.

With all my talk about birds, you’d think I’d have some examples from my own shop. Not true, I have not really collected birds although I know people who do. Fortunately (because I have to promote my own shop after all!)


Vintage Enameled Gold Tone Parrot

I did find one darling bird in the form of a brooch. Parrots fascinate me because of their intelligence and language skills, as well as their flamboyant colors and patterns. This one is unsigned but was made from identical molds to those used by Trifari.

And since I’m on the subject of parrots, there is a wonderful documentary about wild parrots living in San Franciso. Made in 2003, it is called THE WILD PARROTS OF TELEGRAPH HILL, only 83 minutes long. So if you’re wondering what to watch this weekend, see if you can stream it or find the dvd. And have a great weekend in spite of the weather!



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