Friday Find – Me!

Where have I been? Well, all too briefly in California and I have pictures to prove it. But I can’t post them all until I sort out some camera cable and computer issues.  What was I doing in California? I was visiting my Dad and his wife, Elissa, where we were given the royalty treatment for three wonderful days.

Dad Pink Jacket 1

Renato J Della Rocca 2014 Paloma Ave Venice, California

Here’s a picture of my 94 yr old Dad wearing his (in)famous pink jacket, standing outside their house in Venice Beach, California. There are blooms cascading over the fence matching my Dad. You can see the top of the umbrella table in their front yard. This was taken after he and I walked down to the speedway on Easter morning and spent some time on a bench, listening to a talented musician sing and play the guitar.

If you went through all the Etsy vintage sites and made a list of the very best, you’d have a description of the interior of their home. Elissa has collected curios, antiques, and souvenirs for decades and the house is like a museum to all things beautiful and amazing. So more pictures will be forthcoming, I promise! Although I can’t say my photography does their place justice.

BBHenhouse Meanwhile, I do have a picture taken on the morning of our departure. This is a tray of cafe aulait, juice, and blue berry bread, served on a table in the guesthouse. Hard to leave to say the least.

An interesting note – I made four sales over the days we were gone plus another the day after I came home. Maybe I should leave more often!

Now all I have to do is readjust to Minnesota (two days of drizzle and cold) and get back to work! At least today the sun is showing itself. More pictures next week.


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