Found on Friday – Something for Mom

I haven’t given a Mother’s Day gift since my Mother-in-Law passed away in early 2001. My own mother passed in 1983 and I recall how painful the first Mother’s Day after she died was for me, even though she never liked making a big deal about it.

On the receiving side, I’ve been a Mom for over 30 years – eek! Like my Mother, I really don’t like to make a big deal. (This is largely because my birthday is in early June and so ultimately this desire is born out of selfishness. ) But right now is the time that desperate adult children are seeking unique gifts for their mothers. Okay, now is the time that non-procrastinating adults are shopping. Some of us have adult children who shop at Walgreens on the way over to Mom’s house – not that I’m complaining.

Naturally, Etsy is bursting with beautiful photos of charming and unusual gifts. The first find of the week for Mother’s Day is the good old basic card, but not a card ripped off the shelf from Target (or Walgreens – not that I’m complaining.) If all you can do is send a card, let it be like this one:

Mothers Day Card- White Rose – 5 1/2″ x 51/2″- Customize by CardamomsArt

Trust me, Moms love pretty cards. They don’t like their kids spending lots of money on them but they do appreciate extra time and effort. Short of making a card yourself, go the artisan crafted route. Click on the photo and it will take you directly to the listing where you can also browse other custom card choices.

Not that you have to stop at the card. If this is the year you want to go all out and impress your mother, continue browsing Etsy for offerings that suit every taste (and budget). I offer as my second Friday find, a gorgeous gift set that would please me (not that I’m complaining about the gifts that I do get!)


Pink Tea Cup and Saucer Vintage Royal Sealy Corsage, Floral Hankie Gift Set Gold Gilding Mothers Day Gift by meaicp

This is the gift that gives it all: a corsage, a hankie, and a beautiful collectible tea cup. Click on the picture for a direct link to meaicp’s shop and you can browse her beautiful corsages, each unique and permanent. I am a sucker for hankies because my Mother collected them and had a beautiful satin lined box full of them. I used to love to dig through them as a child – which resulted in scoldings because I’d leave her drawer a mess.

She also collected china tea cups among other things, which I try not to collect because I am at the stage of life where I am divesting, not collecting. But I can certainly enjoy photographs of beautiful cups like this one. And the corsage is the cherry on top of the icing on the cake!


Antique Silver Plate Serving Ladle Simeon George Rogers Company

So now I must make a suggestion from my own humble shop that someone’s mother is sure to love. I know this because my mother loved this particular ladle, which belonged to her mother. They were both of the opinion that one could never have enough ladles. I don’t disagree, they do seem to come in handy when serving holiday or large dinner parties. This ladle has a nicely shaped bowl and is fairly deep – no stingy gravy serving spoons here!

Next Friday will be too late to buy a gift online in time for Mother’s Day, so get to clicking on these links! If these finds don’t suit you or your Mom, I know you will find something else that will. Otherwise, check your local area for the closest Walgreens. Not that your mother will complain…


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