Friday Picks and Pics: To All The Teapots I Ever Loved Before

I collected teapots for a brief period in my life. Then I sold them all off (long, long before I sold on Etsy) at very reasonable prices for others to enjoy but I still have a passion for them. There seems to be no end of amazing, artistic and imaginative ways to design them. My first featured teapot is an Art Deco Hall’s piece in unusual colors:


Hall China Art Deco Red White Platinum Coffee Pot OldeHome at Etsy

This is technically a coffeepot but I came across it this week and fell in love with the art deco design and the rich red and silver. According to the listing, this once was a percolator of some sort. I would build a shrine for it rather then try to use it.

Which brings me around to my refound appreciation for teapots – I have started drinking a variety of teas for health and pleasure. I have a cup in the mid-afternoon – usually green tea blended with roobois and before bedtime, I drink a camomile blend. This could and probably will be a blog post all its own.


Vintage English China Art Deco Shape Teapot by Maling Wicksteads at Etsy

Returning to teapots – this time a real teapot, not a coffeepot, which illustrates an unusual shape yet still has function. I can imagine using this teapot (and the coffeepot above as well) even though I might choose not to. I see plenty of teapots that are clever, even humorous, but they don’t strike me as functional. They are more like pottery or glass with a spout and handle, nothing like a real tea or coffee pot.

I do happen to own (inherited) a beautiful blue and white full lace Royal Copenhagen teapot that I fear using. It must be over sixty years old now and it is replaceable in the sense that you can still buy that style either used or new. But I don’t think I could afford it so it sits behind glass. Here is a picture of one that happens to be listed on Etsy:


Royal Copenhagen Denmark Tea Pot Serving Blue Fluted Full Lace 1118 RomanysVintage


One of these days, I tell myself, I am going to start having tea parties – as soon as I get rid of at least half of our household clutter and junk. In other words, not any time real soon. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to have my private tea time with a bag or diffuser in a mug. (I use both bagged varieties and loose leaf.)

As always, please be sure to click on the pictures so you can see the actual listings of these wonderful tea (and coffee) pots. You will notice these shops have additional teapots and sundry items worth perusing.

Unfortunately, I only have one tea pot for sale at present, although more are coming! I seem to be finding a lot of creamer and sugar sets though so here is a new listing from this week. This is not particularly uncommon – although the color is somewhat so – but maybe I’ll get lucky and run across a matching teapot someday soon.


Lusterware China Creamer and Sugar Bowl Made in Japan


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